Our machine learning algorithm connects you with the top 2% of engineers, designers & product leaders in India who have a proven track record of building successful/market leading products at high growth startups & enterprises.

A completely personalized & effortless way of finding your next remote team member.

Beta release - Dec 23rd, 2020

Why India?

India is only second to the U.S in having a strong startup culture, maximum venture funding, Y-combinator entries, Unicorn valuations etc.

Adobe, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon etc. all have vast product teams spread across India to leverage the product talent available.

Since remote work culture is quickly becoming the norm, we want to make the same talent available to growth stage startups around the world in a safe & secure way matching all quality standards. With machine learning, we're making it completely personalized & effortless.

How often do you hire for remote positions?
Which roles are do you generally hire for?(For remote positions)
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